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Perpetual Calendar

24 May

Positivity can be pretty positive.

A while back I started checking out Pinterest. I didn’t understand what all the hype was about and wanted to see for myself if it was really that addicting.

An addict I never became; however, I did find some great ideas here and there. I go on to see what’s new two or three times a month, then move on.

Back in February I saw the idea for a perpetual calendar. The whole idea is to have this running journal of memories you want to keep and great things that happened to you each day. A page for each day of the year that you add to each year.

I thought that the idea of being able to go back every day to years past and see the good things that happened all while adding new memories was really neat. Let’s face it, there are a lot of the little things that will someday be forgotten and with the perpetual calendar maybe I can hold on to a few of those memories.

I found out about the idea well after the first of the year and I didn’t want to wait until next January 1st to get started. I figured my birthday was the perfect day to begin, after all that is the day that the story of me began.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m about as artsy fartsy as a turd, so I needed to adapt the perpetual calendar to fit my abilities. Instead of a pretty basket with unlined notecards, I went with mini binders and lined paper. It doesn’t need to be pretty, it just needs to be. The year is long and the binders are small, so I needed to split the year into two binders which was a bummer at first but now I’m learning to live with it.

Here is book one of my perpetual calendar.

perpetual calendar

What you will need:

  • 2 mini binders
  • Enough paper for a page a day
  • Dividers for each month
  • A pen

Is it going to be a work of art? Probably not. Are you more likely to stick with it? If you’re like me you will. I keep mine next to my bed so that right before I go to sleep I can pick my favorite part of my day to leave behind.

I only write about one or two sentences, just enough to share one quick little memory that would otherwise go forgotten.

What I love the most about this project is that it’s positive. It forces me to find good in every single day, no matter how bad it was. I have my journal to bitch and moan about the trials and tribulations that are my life, it’s nice to save a place to be 100% positive.

Bill rolled his eyes at the idea, but I see it as leaving something behind for the boys. When I’m old and gray and they’re packing me up for the home, maybe they’ll come across those little binders. Maybe they’ll sit down to read them. Maybe they’ll reminisce over the little things that I held so dear.

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