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Deep Hydration Booties {Review}

24 Feb


Disclaimer: I was sent the Deep Hydrating Booties free of charge to try out and tell you about. While I was provided this product, all the opinions are my own. 

My feet get tired. Dog tired.

This time of year my feet also get dry, like don’t light a match near me dry.

When I was given the opportunity to test out these Deep Hydrating Booties I jumped at the chance. Relaxing heat, moisturizing goodness, yes please!

I followed the directions to heat the booties. I have a pretty powerful microwave but after 40 seconds (the max you’re supposed to heat them) they didn’t feel very warm. I was skeptical as I slipped them on my feet wondering how well they would work. While they don’t get very hot to the touch they are refreshing once they’re on your feet.

In reviews I read about them people complained that the booties made their feet feel slimy. I’ve been using these booties like crazy and they have never made my feet feel slimy. Relaxed, yes. Relieved, yes. Moisturized, definitely. Slimy, never.

When you wear the booties you can’t walk around, you have to sit and relax. The bottom of the booties are lined with SmartGel packs which would most likely not withstand walking around. I have a hard time finding five to ten minutes in my day where I can just sit with my feet up.


The SmartGel pack comes out and has handy directions printed on it.

My favorite time to wear the Deep Hydration Booties is right before bed. They are a relaxing way to end my day.

How do you get your feet in a pair of these booties? You can find them on Amazon or order direct from NatraCure.¬†They also go by Arthritis Booties so don’t be confused, they’re the very same thing.

The bottom line, if you don’t have the time and money for frequent pedicures or paraffin treatments these could be a good solution for you. At $40-$50 a pair, they feel like more of a splurge item for me, but if you’er one of those people who have super dry, cracked feet these booties might be a wise investment.

What do you think, are the Deep Hydration Booties something you would use?

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