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My new friend in the kitchen

6 Dec

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate to cook. I’m lazy in the kitchen and I can’t stand the time and effort it takes to make a good meal. I’m constantly looking for something quick that is still a healthy and nutritious choice.

Enter Rose Romano’s

My Life In Mommyland

When I was offered a few jars of Rose Romano’s Italian Peppers I jumped at the chance to give them a try. I had just been complaining that I didn’t have anything good to make myself for lunch when Rose Romano’s came into my kitchen.

I love to boil up some pasta or tortellini for lunch since it’s quick, easy and it fills me up. My usual topping of choice is some Italian dressing…Until now!

A welcome surprise

I come from a family who eats Pasta Sunday just about every Sunday. The gravy (not sauce) is made from scratch by an Italian grandmother.

I was skeptical of this jarred sauce. How could it hold a candle to my Mom’s homemade gravy? Once I tried Rose Romano’s Italians Peppers I realized that it was something totally different, and I loved it.

The first time I tried it I simply boiled up some pasta and stirred some in. I prefer the Marinara with Green Bell Peppers over the Marinara with Red Bell Peppers, but I’m sure that’s just a matter of pepper preference.

Bill made an amazing dish with some chicken and tortellini with it, I could have eaten every morsel.

My Life In Mommyland

But Rose Romano’s Italian Pepper isn’t just for pasta. I’ve found so many quick, easy and delicious ideas that Rose Romano’s is perfect for. One of my favorite non traditional ideas is using Rose Romano’s as a baked potato topping. Not only is it quick, easy and tasty, it’s MUCH better for you than loading that potato up with sour cream and butter.

Just check out all these amazing recipes Rose Romano’s has to offer, then come up with some of your own. Really the possibilities are virtually endless.

It’s good for you too.

Rose Romano’s gourmet toppings are all natural, you won’t find any fake stuff in these jars. At only about 5 calories per serving you’re not going to be adding to your waistline either. Remember the baked potato? By adding Rose Romano’s instead of my sour cream and butter I’m really cutting down on the calories with that side dish.

Get your own.

If you want to try Rose Romano’s for yourself (and you should) you can find them on the Rose Romano’s website and also on Amazon.

What are you waiting for? Go pick up a few jars!


The Mommyland Farm (Volume 17)

24 Jun

Finally some color!

I love green just as much as the next girl but it’s nice to see some red popping out on The Farm.

I was told that the tomatoes like the heat and with the latest heat wave we’ve been having they’ve been bursting with color. Of course Logan is eating the cherry tomatoes faster than they’re turning red but he can’t eat them all…Can he?

The Mommyland Farm

Little Red tomatoes hiding from me.

I have been waiting for what feels like an eternity for the big tomatoes to grow. Mmmmm, tomatoes and mozzarella, salsa, salads, the possibilities are limitless. I was so excited to see a few big, red beefsteaks among the green.

The Mommyland Farm

The beefsteaks are turning red!

The peppers need some sunscreen!

The tomatoes aren’t the only things out there that are taking off in this heat, the peppers are popping out all over the place. We have so many big, beautiful peppers that we had to tie them up before they fell over.

The Mommyland Farm

Giving the peppers a little help.

We’ve got a few good sized peppers in there but I’m wondering when they’re going to change color? Only two of the six plants are green peppers, yet all the peppers are green. I guess I’m just going to have to try and be patient…again.

My mouth is watering just thinking about eating those bad boys.

As the pepper plants grew I was curious about their leaves, they’re so big and floppy. I think I figured out why and it’s amazing how nature really does know best. If you look at the photo above you can’t really see any of the peppers, they’re all hiding under those great leaves.

This is what happens when they don’t hide…

The Mommyland Farm

Sunburned pepper?

This poor little pepper is the only one that has been left out to fend for itself against the harsh rays of the sun. Out of all the peppers on The Mommyland Farm this is the only one that looks this way. What else could it be if not a sunburn? Have any of the more savvy gardeners ever seen something like this?

How is your garden growing? Are you enjoying the fruits (or veggies) of your labor?

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