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Mommyland Happenings {Volume 11}

21 Mar

Last week was a little chaotic. With the boys having half days at school while I tried to get us ready to enjoy Spring Break AND do my usual day to day stuff, I was exhausted by Friday afternoon.



It’s almost as good as ice cream…Almost.

As part of my latest attempt at getting my eating under control I’ve been enjoying this as an evening snack. Plain Greek yogurt, strawberries and a touch of honey. It’s pretty damn good.

That bowl is only 170 calories and it’s actually filling.



The honey wagon stopped by on Monday morning. Talk about a shitty job!

As I opened the door, I saw a familiar face proving that there is truly no escaping Y members. At least I gave the guy a laugh, he enjoyed what I wrote on the memo line of my check…Shitter’s Full!



I couldn’t find the dog anywhere. I searched the house high and low before I noticed the throw pillows were out of place and I found him in a little Cooper nest on Bill’s pillows.



Cooper likes to be my test subject when I try out a new photo app. People say I take more pictures of the dog than I do my kids and that’s mainly because the kids never let me take their picture.



My email has been out of control for years, YEARS! I sat down on Thursday and got my main account down to zero. It was exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time.

Now I only have three more accounts to get through.



We hit the road for Spring Break in Maryland. Of course we had to sit through over an hour of standstill traffic. It was nice to leave it all behind for a week of relaxing and family time.



I’ve never been to a Tractor Supply Store before. I was fairly unimpressed except for the baby chicks that you can buy for less than $3. They had chicks for egg production or dinner and I was fascinated.

It was a hectic week. It was a crazy week. It was a great week.

Now back to Spring Break!

I hope your week rocks!

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