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Pina Colada Smoothie Recipe

5 Jun

Pina Colada Smoothie Recipe

Time for another one of my tasty smoothie creations.

You might notice in my recipes I use grams along side tablespoons and cups. I measure out everything that I eat so I have a handy food scale that I put the container for my Vitamix on. If you don’t have a food scale, it’s about a large handful of pineapple, a couple spoonfuls of ¬†yogurt and a lot of spinach.

I love to add spinach to all my smoothies because it adds some great nutrition and it doesn’t taste “green”. Spinach is also something that is almost always in my fridge.

What you will need:

1 Cup: Coconut water

1 TBSP: Chia seeds

One scoop of vanilla protein powder

140 Grams: Frozen pineapple chunks (or fresh pineapple)

40 Grams: Vanilla greek yogurt

60 Grams: Spinach

How you do it:

Place everything in your Vitamix or other blender and send it for a spin. Pour and enjoy right away. This one isn’t bad if you save it for later, I sometimes make this one to drink at work but it’s better fresh.

This smoothie comes in at about 290 calories with 9 grams of fiber and 19 grams of protein to keep you full and focused.

Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe? I’d love to give it a try so please share it with me, you can use the handy dandy mail button on the top right of this page.

I’d also like to hear what you think of this smoothie so try it out and let me know how you like it.

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