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The Non-Runner Guide to Runners

17 Apr

non-runner guide

With running, just like with anything else, if you’re not into it you don’t always get the people who are. I’m going to break it down for you in regard to runners.

I hope you non-runners get a little insight into the runner and maybe even decide to give running a try for yourself.

Runner’s high:

non-runner guide

What is it about running that runners love so much?

Once the bug bites you, you’re hooked. The first time you run a mile without walking, crossing the finish line at your first race, getting that PR, the “high” that comes with those moments is what keeps us coming back for more.

For me, it’s pushing my body further than I’ve ever pushed it before. It’s the feeling of accomplishment that comes with achieving each of my goals.

Runners love to talk about running. The new shoes we just got. The latest gear that we’ve added to our collection. Last weekend’s race.

Running boosts your endorphins so we’re naturally pretty happy and we want to world to be happy too, so don’t be surprised if your runner friend tries to recruit you to the world of running. I know I try to get everyone I know laced up and out running.

The Bling:

non-runner guide

Some of us choose to share our running achievements in a public way.

I have runner friends who have race medals hanging from their rearview mirror. Many of us have stickers or magnets on our cars with numbers on them. In case you didn’t realize it, those numbers signify distances we’ve raced. 5K, 10K, 13.1 (half marathon), 26.2 (marathon), 50K or 100K (ultra marathon), and triathlon are the most popular.

I’ve seen more than one running related vanity license plate.

We’re nothing if not devoted to our sport.

Share the road:

non-runners guide

I’m a road runner. Running on a treadmill, track or even in a park makes me feel like a caged animal. I need to be on the road.

In my years as a road runner I’ve noticed a need to educate the non-runner behind the wheel on our needs as runners.

For the love of God, please give us a wide breadth. We’ll work very hard to always be running in the opposing direction if you can give us a little room. Six inches from your side mirror is not enough. If there’s traffic coming and you can’t move over, at least slow down.

Along the same lines, playing “chicken” with us is not cool. Swerving towards us to see how far off the road you can make us jump is NOT funny and when you hit us it’s really not going to be funny. A runner can be seriously injured when pushed off the road, do you really want to hurt someone for laughs? We’ll, take responsibility for our safety but we need a little help from you too.

You know what else is not amusing to us? When you blast your horn or yell something out your window at us. A simple wave will suffice.

We’re just out there doing what we love and trying to stay healthy, let’s not make it anymore hazardous than it needs to be.

Let’s be friends and share the road.

I hope I’ve given you a better understanding of not only the mind of a runner but what we need when we’re out there doing our thing.

Did you have any questions about running for me? I’d love to answer them for you. I will say, I’m no expert but I am an experienced runner.

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