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I Swear I Will ALWAYS Get A Flu Shot!

3 Apr


I got my first flu shot ten years ago when I was pregnant with Cameron. Before my OB made me get one it had never been a thought in my mind.

In the ten years since that first flu shot I have only missed getting one twice. Guess what happened both times…I got the flu.

The first time it happened I swore that I would forever and always get a flu shot. As I lay in bed shivering and wishing for death I decided that would be the last time I went through that mess.

Fast forward to last Monday. I realized that I didn’t take the time to get my flu shot and I thought to myself, “Cool, I made it without getting sick.”

Fast forward to last Wednesday night, when the shivering started. SHIT!

I was up most of the night in some of the worst pain of my life. I wanted to die. Or at least get some sleep. By Thursday morning I thought for sure I was knocking on death’s door.

I took a look at my trusty WebMD app and realized that I probably had the flu. Turns out I didn’t make it after all, close but no cigar. I decided that I needed to get to the doctor to confirm my fear and get some drugs. I only had 48 hours before she wasn’t going to give me the Tamiflu and then I’d be really screwed.

Yep, it’s the flu. Yep, it’s running late this year. Yep, I should have gotten that flu shot.

If you’re a mom, you know that we take care of ourselves last and this is the perfect example of that in here in Mommyland. I moved heaven and earth to get the boys the flu mist (since they don’t like needles). I made sure they were protected back in November. I drove many miles to get them what they needed but when it came to myself I couldn’t drive a mile to the CVS to get a $15 flu shot.

I will NOT make that mistake EVER again. Yeah, yeah, I said that before. This time I mean it! I don’t have time to be spending in bed or on the couch as a nonfunctioning lump of shit.

How about you, do you get a flu shot or do you play the odds and hope for the best?

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