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The Summer of Mommyland

4 Jun

My husband loves to watch the old Seinfeld episodes that run every night and on occasion I’ll catch one or two with him.

I recently decided that I wasn’t going to be sitting around this summer waiting for Bill to be able to go and do things with me and the boys. I am going to brave various public places with my boys…alone. I’m done being trapped in the house all summer long waiting to be able to get out for some family fun time.

A huge part of the inspiration behind my new found mission is the Wives of Turf community. The women of that community have inspired and empowered me to take this step and stop missing out on these precious years with my boys.

You’re probably wondering what the Seinfeld reference I opened with was all about. The little clip below is how I feel about this summer.

This is the Summer of Mommyland!

I’m going to get those little boys out of the house and have some fun. You name it, we want to do it. We’re going to taste the fruit and let the juices drip down our chins!

I also know that without a game plan I will fail miserably in my mission to get out and have some fun.

This mama has a plan!

I sat down and planned a different theme for each day. When it comes to actually figuring out where we’re going and what we’re doing I probably won’t plan that more than a week or two out.


Our library day. Our local library has some cool stuff going on Monday’s, including story time. I’m going to enroll Cameron in the Summer Reading program so he can maintain his awesome reading skills. The library even offers the kids prizes for reading everyday. I figure taking out library books will save me from having to buy them, especially with the way Cameron reads.


Local adventure day. We’ll be hitting as many cool places within a 45 minute radius from our house as we can. Everything from parks, free tours and orchards are on our list.


Longwood Gardens day. We have this gem that the boys LOVE to visit less than five minutes from the house, how lucky are we? We’ll probably bring a bag lunch and make a day out of it. Lord knows the kids never get sick of spending time there. If it’s raining, we can just stay inside the conservatory.


Travel Adventure Day! Thursday’s will be set aside for fun places outside that 45 minute radius. Zoos, aquariums, farms, railroads, the possibilities are nearly endless.


Wild card day. We’ll do things like take over Gma and Gpa’s pool or visit daddy at work for lunch. We might need to take Friday as a rest day from the busy week we had.

I’ve set some pretty big goals for myself. I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to get these kids out and make a summer full of wonderful memories. Don’t worry Bill, we’ll take lots of photos for you. We’ll be sure to take some photos for all of you too.

If you want to follow along on my adventures, be sure to stop back, you know I’ll be writing all about how naughty my kids were in public (kidding…kind of).

I will also be writing for Chester County Moms twice a month sharing all about my adventures in and around Chester County Pennsylvania. Check my Facebook page for links to those articles.

Coming up later this week, what to pack for a summer adventure with your kids.


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