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Mommyland Happenings {Week 27}

11 Jul

Well that was a long break I took. Forgive me readers, it’s been 53 days since my last post. The funk has taken over and I just didn’t feel like sitting at my computer any longer than absolutely necessary, so after I’d finish my regular work I’d move on.

I’m hopeful that I can slowly work this blog back into my daily routine, that’s not to say you’ll see something new daily, but hopefully it will become a priority again.

I figured a good way to get back into it was with Mommyland Happenings. It’s a fun post for me to put together and I hope it’s a fun post for you to take a look at.

So without further adieu, here is what last week here in Mommyland looked like.



You know you’ve been having a great vacation when the kids fall asleep on the way to Ocean City.

We relaxed most of the day and made the trip into Ocean City in the late afternoon to catch dinner, some fun and the boardwalk. What is usually a 45 minute trip from our happy place on the bay took two hours with all the holiday traffic. That gave the boys plenty of time to rest up before their fun night out.



Ok full disclosure, this photo is not from the actual 4th of July, BUT it was from the 4th of July fireworks in Crisfield.

The weather was kind of crappy on Monday and we spent so much time relaxing that neither Bill or I took a single photo. Thankfully the weather cleared up enough for us to do hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill and enjoy dinner with my sister and her family. After dinner the boys played (rough) while the adults chatted and before long it was time for bed.



Yet another example of a great vacation. When you have a three hour drive home, any time the kids spend sleeping and not fighting is sweet music to my ears.

We had a great time in Crisfield but it was nice to come home.



We came home and got to do some more celebrating! We celebrated Cooper being part of our family for a year on Wednesday. Here’s to many more years with my furry sidekick.

Don’t let the photo fool you, he loves hugs from mommy.



Back home and back to eating better. I had to be at work by 8:30 but I had to get office work finished before I left. I started my day with a blueberry and oatmeal smoothie, green tea and water. The smoothie kept me full and focused, the water kept me hydrated and the tea gave me the boost I needed to get ‘er done.



Sometimes I sit and watch the boys at karate and sometimes I go down the road to Victory and enjoy a beer. Friday was a beer kind of day.

After karate we grabbed a quick bite with our little ninjas.



Cooper has been with us for a year now and his relationship with Nittany has been less than positive. It’s been so bad that she’s pretty much banished herself to various remote parts of the house. Saturday was a big day here in Mommyland where she actually come out of hiding and into the open.

He nipped at her, she bitch slapped him and they went about coexisting in the family room. It is not an easy friendship, but it’s progress. I’m still hopeful that one day they will actually be good buddies and maybe Nittany can come sleep with us again.

Not a bad week at all. Having the holiday on Monday was a nice way to reenter into life after vacation.

I hope you have a fantastic week!


Another Year Comes To An End

12 Jun

I’m beginning to feel like every school year is a new milestone for us. The end of every school is the end of another era.

Today marks the end of Kindergarten for Logan and Third grade for Cameron and if I’m being honest it makes me a little sad. The babies are long gone and the big kids are here. The school bus riding, full day going, no nap taking big boys.

Just yesterday I was talking with a friend about just how fast the time goes. When Cameron was a baby and people would say things like, “enjoy it now because the time goes by so quickly.” I thought they were crazy. Nine years later I’m sitting here at the end of yet another school year wondering where the hell the time has gone?

If the years continue to go this fast they boys will be going off to college in the blink of an eye. Last summer sucked with me being hurt and basically stuck on the couch all summer so I think the boys earned a great summer. Since my years with these little creatures are numbered, I hope to give them an awesome summer this year.


Last school morning for a while.

They have four weeks of camp to look forward to, many trips to Maryland, and day trips galore coming their way. My hope is that when they start first and fourth grade in a few short months that they’ll have some great stories to tell their friends.

Those tears I’m sure to shed as they step off the bus for the final time this school year aren’t just because many of my summer days will be spent breaking up fights, they’re also because the time is just going by way too fast. We had a great year and I’m going to miss the teachers as well as the structure.

Have your kids started their summer yet?

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