I think a change would do you good.

7 Apr

Every once in a great while I start to feel restless, like something has to change. Don’t look to deeply into that, I mean something physically has to change…about me. A new style. New glasses. A new hair color. A new cut. Well, I’ve reached on of those times again. I am so tired of looking at the same boring me in the mirror each morning. More than that, I’m tired of seeing all those gray hairs that have been popping out here and there since I was 23. Yeah, that’s right, I found my first gray at 23. I remember it so vividly, I can even tell you I was in Bill’s apartment when I found it.

Ok, back to the matter at hand. Change. It’s time for one.

It was over a year ago I decided to grow my hair out. My goal was half way down my back. I didn’t quite make it yet, and I don’t think I will. No, actually I know I won’t.

Today was the big day, I got a new do and some sassy color. To add to the excitement, I didn’t tell Bill what I was doing. He knew I was getting a haircut and he knew I was getting color, but he had no idea just how much I would cut off. First a little background. Anyone who knows me knows I like my “stories”. I enjoy losing my grip on reality each day to escape to the make believe worlds of places like Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and most relevant to this story, General Hospital. General Hospital has been the inspiration behind a few major events in my life, mainly naming my children. Cameron is not only my first born, but he’s also Elizabeth Webber’s first born too. Logan was a crazy war vet who got a little to clingy with Lulu before he was my son. Judge all you want, they’re still really cool names.

General Hospital was also the inspiration for my new hairdo. I call it…The Maxie. It’s cute, it’s sassy, it’s new.

I try not to make it all about me, so I did donate what I had to those who need it. Here’s my ponytail donation, it’s not much, but every bit counts. (for larger views, click on the photo)

I was expecting a little more of a reaction from Bill, but it is the golf season, so I need to adjust my expectations a little. I got the typical guy response, “You chopped your hair.” Nothing more has been said, oh well. In case you have more of an interest than my husband, here’s the before and after.


After (front)

After (back)

I LOVE my new cut, but the true test will come tomorrow when I have to style it myself. I am notoriously bad at doing my own hair, so I might have to hire a personal stylist. A huge thank you to the AMAZING Jen for making me feel pretty again! You ROCK!

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