The Mommyland Farm (Volume 5)

21 Apr

When it comes to all things plant related, I trust Bill implicitly. It is after all what he does for a living, our survival as a family depends solely on his ability to make things (more specifically grass) grow. Being that I have an extreme inability to make anything grow, I thought it was safe to do things his way. I didn’t even think to question him about planting our garden, I assumed he knew what he was doing. You know what they say when you assume. I really didn’t think I needed to do any research on my own, in fact I thought that if I did it would only serve to offend Bill.

So here we are with The Mommyland Farm a baron wasteland in our back yard, but I’m not giving up yet.

With the pumpkins, cucumbers and carrots all dead or dying, we sought the aid of a horticulturist to find out where we went wrong. Insert giant slap to forehead here…We planted everything TOO DAMN EARLY! DUH! Personally I didn’t realize the difference between an agronomist and horticulturist was so great. The definition of agronomy is, “the science of soil management and crop production.” I guess Bill is growing the wrong “crop” for our application here at home.

Really, it’s not a total loss, we have peas sprouting. We’ll see if they can make it past the sprout phase, but at least they’re a sign of life in an otherwise DEAD garden. The peas alone are proof enough for me that Bill did better than I ever could have. If I had been in charge there would be nothing but scorched earth left where the garden should be.

In a few weeks we’ll be headed to our favorite garden store, Distinctive Gardens to pick up our crops (already started). I’m still hopeful that this summer we will have a harvest of yummy veggies and Cameron WILL eat them. Stay tuned, we’re not done yet!

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