Guilty as charged

3 Jul

For day 3 of camp I’m going to share some of my guilty pleasures. I think to do this justice I will create a list. I have many guilty pleasures. Time to let the skeletons out of the closet.

Here we go…

~ I sometimes eat the cream out of the Oreo’s (double stuffed) and put the cookie back in the package.
~ I hide in the pantry with the door closed so the kids don’t see me snacking.
~ When I feel stressed I go on a feeding frenzy that starts with sweets and moves to salty, then back to sweet, then back to salty and so on.
~ I like my red meat as close to raw as possible.

~ I’ve read the Twilight Saga five times and still love it.
~ I also am addicted to the books form the TV show Castle and have read them both more than once.
~ I have an erotica series by Anne Rice in my book collection…And I’ve read it.

TV & Movies
~ I liked all the Twilight Saga movies and have seen them all multiple times.
~ I am obsessed with what my husband would classify as trashy TV. The following shows can NOT be missed; Desperate Housewives, Castle, Body of Proof, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Off The Map, and last but certainly not least General Hospital.
~ Along with my everyone is sleeping with everyone else shows, I enjoy the court shows that are on during the day.

Ok, I think I’ve shared enough for today, stop back tomorrow to learn more about the Mommy behind Mommyland.

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