Mommyland Happenings {Volume 16}

27 Apr

At least the weather was nice this week. I haven’t been feeling very nice and I’m hoping that with the nice weather, my crappy attitude will change.

Better late than never, here is last week in Mommyland.



It was really nice out so while Bill did the mulching at home, I took the boys to the park to shoot some hoops. They had a blast and even saw a few friends from school.

Cooper came too but I wish I had left him home because he wanted to run and play and I wanted to sit and watch the boys.



I don’t get to see Bill at Hapkido often. Actually I think this was the first time I saw him on the mat. He enjoys it and it’s teaching him some valuable self protection skills. Isn’t he cute in his little gray dobok (that’s what they call the uniform)?

He’ll be kicking ass like Chuck Norris in no time!



So this happened right before I left for work. The shelf was pulling away from the wall, so before it crashed down on our expensive computer equipment it needed to come down. I just wasn’t expecting to have to do it a 8AM.

Thankfully the mess was cleaned up before I returned home.



I’ve been at it again with my essential oils. On Wednesday I made a craving busting inhaler (left) and some fabric freshener (right). Both work really well and were super easy.

Eventually I’ll share my favorite essential oil concoctions.



I had some errands to run on Thursday and as I was roaming the aisles of Homegoods I saw this and was laughing my ass off in the pet aisle. It’s a handsfree leash for runners. The photo looks like me and Cooper. Just thinking about Cooper “running” had me in hysterics. Why the hell would they use a Yorkie in the photo? Use a lab or a German Shepard.



Bill had me all over Delaware Friday shopping. Sounds fun right? Not when you’re dragging this around with you.

Hopefully after four weeks of this crap I’ll be out running again.



While we were out shopping Friday we bought the boys a basketball hoop. It was like Christmas when they got home and were surprised with it. They spent most of the day Saturday out there shooting around.

Bill has been out there playing with them too so it’s been a great memory maker for us. As soon as I have two feet again I’ll be out there having fun with my guys.

There you have it. I guess it was a pretty eventful week for us.

I hope you’re having a great week!

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